Hey, got some time to kill?

We come from restaurant families. Growing up in the business, we learned how much work was involved in being in the restaurant industry. Opportunities were available to get out of it, but we wanted to stay in the field because it's our passion, not a living. Giving guests a experience and a chance to forget about the daily grind even for a moment is something that gives us joy. The property that is now Five Corners was an ultimate find for us and we can't be more proud our team and what we have accomplished here so far.

In April of 2015, we were handed the keys to 354 Colt Highway. This was the tip of the ice-burg when it came to the challenges of becoming Five Corners. The original structure was built in 1953, a beautiful Mid-Century Contemporary building in complete disrepair. The basement was a pond that was 2' deep, and a bunch of feral cats/kittens taking up residence on top of the ancient HVAC unit also in the basement. We called the Fire Department to pump out the basement because the water was dangerously close to the electrical main which was still active, we had no clue what was going on. This was day one.

We trapped as many cats as we could and created a TNR program (trap neuter and return). Six kittens that we caught were given to shelters and were instantly adopted. We rented a dumpster and removed what we could on our own. Friends along with family ripped down old walls, junked the scrap metal, and kept our spirits up. Nothing was saved except the shell of the building. Finally, with a TON of set-backs and growing our family with a couple of babies in between all the chaos, we were able to obtain financing to restore the building in December of 2018. It took exactly a year to create what you see today. Construction crews made demo look easy and ultimately decided that the 1970s extension that housed the kitchen had to be demolished and re-built. The exterior shell was sealed and the extensive rot was taken care of. We built a roof on-top of the original ceiling to expose the gorgeous Douglas Fir Shiplap that was hiding under hard insulation board that was painted black. We removed two fireplaces (including an enormous double-sided sandstone fireplace) that were too far gone to restore. The most annoying part was to get the floor to conform, it's really quite wavy if you pay attention. If you knew what this place looked like before, you know that it has no trace of it's past.

Christos was a Tequila guy, I had no specific love for any liquor until I found a hand-crafted Gin on a trip to London to meet a dear friend that had moved out there a year before. She took me to a local farmer's market and this new distillery was showcasing their newest Gin. Upon tasting it, I was hooked. I brought a bottle home thinking it would last a while, but then Christos got his hands on it...I hid the remaining ounce that's left in the bottle. Martini's were all the rage in the 50s so why not bring our love of Gin to our Mid-Century styled Bistro? We thought it was a perfect match to turn people to Gin fans in the same way we were introduced to Gin? With handcrafted and small batch collection with distinct flavor profiles, there's a good chance that you will at least appreciate Gin once you try some of favorites. We curated a cocktail menu that is Gin-forward. You can pick-up a Gin "passport" and try our gin and tonic flights to find your favorites.

Our food program celebrates all the favorites that we eat. Comfort food to elevated Entrée's that allows many people to gather here.

Christos and I (Despina) Thank everyone for your support during these crazy first years of being in business. They told us that our first year would be difficult in normal circumstances. Try opening up months before the world was shut down! It was the encouragement of our family, friends and guests that gave us the drive to keep going