For Your Information

Some things to know and to expect with the new restrictions. You must wear a mask when you are walking around inside, but you can take your mask off at your table. Keep social distance in mind when walking to the restroom. Our servers will be wearing face masks at all times and keeping a safe distance while communicating with guests. Our aim is to make sure you are comfortable and safe, so if you would like your server to wear disposable gloves we will certainly accommodate you, just let us know when you are seated. Our menus are one use, and we also have QR codes that you may scan with your phone that will lead you to our menus if you prefer. Our dishes, glassware and silverware are sanitized in a high temperature dish machine. If you feel more comfortable with one-use place settings, feel free to make that request to your server. Condiments will be served to you upon request, we won’t have anything extra sitting on our tables. We will be at 50% capacity per recent CT re-open guidance, every other booth and table will be filled unless the tables are 6 feet apart already. Parties up to 25 are welcome to dine-in with us. We use CDC recommended sanitizer to clean up after each table use. We instructed our staff to sanitize all common surfaces, doors and handles often. We will continue to offer our “pop-up” outdoor patio service for those who are interested.